Laundry & Bleach Products

Nature Clean -Lemon Suds- Powerful laundry powder made for commercial and domestic use. Biodegradable, low foaming, hot/cold with anti redeposition agents and optical brighteners. No bulk fillers.

Nature Clean -Laundry Liquid- Low foaming, concentrated, citrus based laundry liquid.

Nature Clean -Fabric Softener- A superb fabric softener with a delicious citrus fragrance.

Nature Clean -Commercial Laundry Bleach- a powerful bleach made for use in commercial and domestic areas.

Nature Clean -Jansan- Chlorinated whitener/sanitiser ideal for whitening linen and sanitising tea-towels and dish cloths.

Nature Clean -Oxy Clean- Powdered bleach with an oxygenating action to power out stains. Soaker or in wash.

Nature Clean -GP1 powder- A powerful caustic washing powder for cleaning workshop overalls, rags and the likes.

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