Kitchen Products

Nature Clean -Lemon Detergent- An economical dish detergent for general use.


Nature Clean - Iso Std - Green tea fragranced general dish detergent in a two litre bottle with pump.

Nature Clean -C-Det- NZFSA approved manual dish detergent, very powerful for cutting through grease.

Nature Clean -J-70- NZFSA approved food prep area cleaner and sanitiser. Brings stainless to a high shine.

Nature Clean -Red-O- NZFSA approved food prep area degreaser, great for around deep fryers and hot plates.

Nature Clean -Go Kleen- Grill and oven cleaner, heavy caustic for cutting through the grime.

  Nature Clean -Total- Auto dish machine detergent that will cut through the grime.Brewery approved 120Gpl

Nature Clean -Glass Plus- Specially formulated glass wash detergent for auto glass machines only.60 Gpl

Nature Clean -Rinse and Drying Aid- For auto dish machines, to obtain a flawless spot free finish.

Nature Clean -Impact dish powder- High quality dish powder for domestic and commercial use.

Nature Clean -Sparkle- Glassware pre-soak for removing build up on glassware and cutlery. Sanitiser.

Nature Clean -Beer Line Cleaner- A caustic for cleaning out beer lines. Removes build up from lines.

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