Nature Clean -Citrus Cleaner- Concentrated all purpose cleaner for cleaning anything from windows to concrete, from walls to showers, from decking to BBQ's.


     Nature Clean - Citrus X - A degreasing citrus cleaner.

Nature Clean -TKO/Nice &Spicy- A commercial grade concentrated disinfectant/cleaner with superb fragrance. Mould inhibiting properties.

    Nature Clean - Green San - highly scented quaternary ammonium chloride based disinfectant and mild cleaner.

Nature Clean -Janipine/Clean Fresh- Commercial grade, concentrated disinfectant/cleaner with pine or eucalyptus fragrances. Mould inhibiting properties.

   Nature Clean -Blue Magic- a powerful cleaner / disinfectant with a lemon scent. Very popular as an all purpose cleaner.

  Nature Clean -SPC600- A thick disinfectant/cleaner that brings porcelain and stainless to a high sheen. Great for showers, toilets and sinks. Cuts through body and soap fats. Can be diluted for economy. Mould inhibiting.


  Nature Clean - Chloroclean - is a low foaming, chlorinated alkaline detergent great for all your toughest jobs - sinks, toilets, showers, floors & benches. (Similar to Domestis)

Nature Clean -Cream Cleanser- Concentrated cream scouring cleanser with a very fine grit to avoid scratching.

Nature Clean -Window Cleaner- Our famous streak free glass cleaner, cleans with the power of ammonia.

Nature Clean -Scale Off- Lime scale dissolving in hard water areas, drain un-blocker, urine crystal dissolver.


Nature Clean - Waterspot - Water-spot dissolver for glass doors, windows etc also polishes metal surfaces.

   Waterspot pad - thin square type applicator pad
Waterspot pad - thick square applicator pad with handle
   Algie San - a moss and lichen control product for commercial and domestic uses. Will help control mould for up to 12 months. Concentrate, safe on most surfaces. Biodegradable.

Nature Clean -Mould Killer- A mould inhibiting product that will kill moss mould and lichen for up to 12 months. Concentrate, safe on most surfaces. Biodegradable.

Nature Clean -Mould Killer- A pleasant smelling, fast acting mould, moss and lichen killer. Just spray it on.

Nature Clean -Floor Cleaner- A eucalyptus oil based floor cleaner with a neutral ph level to maintain your floors sheen.

Nature Clean -Power Spray- A low foaming crystalline detergent concentrate for cleaning upholstery & carpets.

    Nature Clean - Supa Strippa - for stripping floors prior sealing 

Nature Clean - Floor Sealer - a blend of high quality acrylic polymers that will leave a diamond hard, high gloss finish to all vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, marble and terracotta floors.


Nature Clean - Methylated Spirits - General evaporating spirit cleaner.


Autosol - Power Stainless Steel Cleaner - a spray for cleaning stainless steel surfaces and other non-ferrous metals.  

  Shower Power - an overnight/non scrub/all natural shower cleaner, great on stainless.
   Simple green - The famous American cleaner Concentrate (available in other sizes)

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