Nature Clean -Nice & Spicy/T.K.O- a disinfectant cleaner for general cleaning, disinfecting and odour control.
Maf Approved C32


Green Spice - highly scented quaternary ammonium chloride based disinfectant and mild cleaner.

   Janipine/Clean Fresh - Commercial grade, concentrated disinfectant/cleaner with pine or eucalyptus
    Nature Clean -Algie San- slow acting product designed to kill moss and lichen over a period of two weeks to six months depending on the type of moss or lichen. Designed for ease of use, just spray on and leave to do the job.Maf Approved C32
  Nature Clean -Porter Blue- toilet cleaner and deodorizer that can be used in porter-loos or in general toilet facilities.

Klorsan H/D - a concentrate chlorine used widely in the food processing and marine industries.

Chlorodet - a powdered chlorine general pupose disinfectant and detergent with a variety of uses.

Chlorine powder ­- Heavy duty HTH
Porter blue + - a stronger smelling and more powerfull version of porterblue 
  Bleach 5% - A concentrated bleach for general disinfecting 
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