Floor Cleaning Hardware

House Broom - 300mm wide - soft fill - alloy handle

Platform Broom - 762mm wide - coarse fill - wood handle

Platform Broom - 915mm wide - coarse fill - wood handle

Floor Scrub Brush - stiff nylon fill - alloy handle

Floor Squeegee - 550mm wide - soft double blade - wood handle

Floor squeegee - 750mm wide - Soft double blade - wood handle

Wringer bucket - foot operated with rollers


Wet floor sign

Mop head with threaded head

Kentucky Mop Fitting - head only

  Kentucky Mop Fitting - with handle

Refills for Kentucky Mop head - Commercial stitch

Large commercial stitch

400g anti tangle stitch

Available in red, green & blue

Microfiber dust Duo mop - 250mm wide - twist lock extension handle

Microfiber dust Uno mop - 400mm wide - extension handle - 2 pads

Electrostatic dust control mop - 915mm wide - halls and wood workshops

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