Spray Bottles, Chemical Baths & Other Dispensers

Parts cleaning bath - recalculating parts solvent bath
Sure shot sprayer - Refillable aerosol - charge with a compressor air line

Jumbo chemical resistant trigger and 1000ml bottle
  Black chemical resistant trigger for all bottle sizes  
  Pump up pressure sprayer with extension wand - 4.5L  
    Pump up pressure sprayer - Brass fittings, viton seals 1.5 litre capacity
  Pump up pressure sprayer - plastic with standard seals, 1 or 2 Litre 

Drum pump - Rotary heavy duty - fine with most chemicals

Drum pump - Duel action push pull type, No flammables
Container tap - screw top type
  Solvent tap - specially built for solvents 
  20L container tap for large opening 
  30ml 20L pail pump for hand cleaners 

30ml 5L container pump
  Hydrofoamer 2.8Litre chemical/water foamer/mixer gun for applying chemical 
  Lafferty Liberty foamer for foaming on bitumen slip release 

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